Lutrell Costa

Aloha Kakou,
Trella Costa is a big supporter of “Bodies In Motion,” an exercise program, and “Body By You, Inc.,” a leader in awareness building and injury prevention education for many years, which keeps her a very busy lady. She is a licensed massage therapist, personal trainer, and currently raising her 2 year old daughter on the Island of Oahu.

A big supporter of the communities on Oahu Trella also is certified by the American College of Sports Medicine since 1993. She has served in many community health education programs as a health educator, fitness instructor, personal trainer site manager, tai chi chuan instructor, Health/Physical education teacher for the Department of Educations charter school in Kapalama, Oahu, and prior to having her 2 year old, a lawyers assistant.

Costa has lived in Hawaii since 1963 and through the years has developed a passion and respect for the culture and lifestyle. She chose to honor the art of movement, dance, and sees it as a way to perpetuate the indigenous lifestyle/dance of Hawaii ancestors.

Trella has a 24 year old son named Makuakai who is a professional surfer and athlete. She is a lady of endless energy! “We begin and end our classes with the circle of Aloha.”

Me Ke Aloha pau ole Trella


Professional Experience

About Excel with Lutrell

I have been learning and practicing therapeutic massage in combination with medicinal herbs for over 10 years. I began my hula dancing practice as a child with family practice sessions.

I graduated from James Campbell High, and entered the University of Hawaii’s Sports Medicine program. I became a Health and Fitness instructor certified by the American College of Sports Medicine. Worked for Gold’s Gym, Bodies In Motion, Kahuku Hospital’s Health Education Department, Native Hawaiian Health Organizations as well as a Public Charter School. I continue to do that even now, but as a consultant or appointments only.

My grandmother used to rub my feet and when I had a cold, she would go into the yard to look for the medicinal herb called Popolo (Black nightshade/ Solanum Nnigrum), to help strengthen the immune system. And so the background of helping people is in my family.

The definition of wellness to me means the aligning of body, mind, and spirit. What I share with people is what I’ve learned to describe as body reconstruction. Hawaiian healing herbs address the root cause of disease and restore the body to more efficient functioning. The traditional way teaches us to skillfully adapt to the changes in seasons, locations, life situations or relationships. There are many branches of wellness. My primary focus is rejuvenation.

Such knowledge and associated skills developed were transmitted in earlier times within island ‘ohana, families, whose survival depended upon the resources of their natural world. We find that people have the best results when they really want to heal and make deep changes in their lives.

I offer rejuvenation retreats, which systematically detoxifies all of the tissues of the physical, mental, and emotional body. I never went to medical school and choose to work with your medical doctor. Getting a medical clearance is important so that people get the most comprehensive team of caregivers. Helping, to me, is helping people in need. You do it because you want to, not because you have to. That is what I do. And I’ve been doing this for many years.